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Aluminum Oxide Ceramic (A998)

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Zirconia (Partially Stabilized) crucibles

Ceramics in Instrumentation

Laboratory equipment used by scientists to measure properties of material samples have ceramic components made of high purity aluminum oxide (Al2O3) so they can operate with high temperature processes.  Also, the ceramic is chemically inert and does not contaminate the sample being tested so that results are not affected.  The performance of the ceramic material is critical to the successful function of these machines. 

For thermal characterization of materials (mostly polymers/plastics) there are several processes employed through instrumentation, such as Thermogravimetric Analysis (TGA) and Differential Scanning Calorimetry (DSC), where material samples are melted and/or burned in crucibles, sample pans, and saggers made out of ceramic.  The most sophisticated TGA and DSC machines require the high precision, high performance ceramic parts made by Ceramco.  Heating element cores, sample platforms, calibration weights - we make them all - for world class companies.

Other instrumentation machines that utilize our ceramics are in the Mass Spectrometry category.  Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry (GCMS) and Liquid Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry (LCMS) are processes that also require the purity, precision, and performance of Ceramco's aluminum oxide. 

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