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Ceramco, Inc. acquires HPIM technology from Advanced Cerametrics, Inc.


Thomas Henriksen, President of Ceramco, Inc. and Bud Cass, Board Chairman of Advanced Cerametrics, Inc. (ACI) today jointly announced the sale of ACI’s high pressure ceramic injection molding (HPIM) production line and related process technology to Ceramco, Inc. Mr. Henriksen noted that, “The purchase of this long established, superior technology is a perfect adjunct to Ceramco’s existing low pressure injection molding product line (LPIM). The new capability expands Ceramco’s already broad product range, providing much higher volume capacity, higher tolerance production and, most importantly, the ability to make much thicker walls and cross sections.”
Mr. Cass noted that, “The transfer of this technology to Ceramco is a natural progression of our long standing relationship with them. ACI is focusing on its ceramic fiber technology and sees Ceramco as the ideal manufacturer to have transferred this technology to by continuing to offer HPIM products to ACI’s existing customers in addition to the new opportunities afforded Ceramco with this capability. We are pleased to have placed our customers in Ceramco’s hands, because we are certain that they will be given the attention and quality they have become accustomed to with ACI.”
The production line was set up in 3,500 square feet of unused warehouse space at Ceramco’s Center Conway, NH headquarters and involves 6-10 employees, engineers and supervisory personnel with more being added as the new HPIM products are integrated into Ceramco’s established LPIM business. The transfer of this production line frees up about 4,500 square feet of controlled environment space at ACI, which will be used to expand ACI’s piezoelectric ceramic fiber Energy Harvesting product line and electronic assembly operations.

For more information, please contact Thomas Henriksen:

Ceramco, Inc.
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