Zircoa GmbH Becomes Distributor to EMEA of Ceramco’s Custom Technical Ceramic Components and Stock Ceramic Fasteners

Wiesbaden Germany, July 28, 2014 – Thomas Böhm, Managing Director, Zircoa GmbH and Thomas Henriksen, President/CEO, Ceramco, Inc., sign distributorship agreement, effective: September 4, 2014.

“Germany is a friendly trading partner of the United States and is centrally located in the EMEA marketplace,” said: Thomas Henriksen. “Zircoa GmbH are experts in application technology and are highly skilled in supply chain management. Ceramco’s partnering with Zircoa GmbH is an efficient and logical means of delivering Ceramco’s U.S. made custom ceramic components and stock ceramic fasteners to so many different countries, with their unique languages and currencies,” added Thomas Henriksen.

As Ceramco, Inc. accepts payment only in U.S. Dollars, EMEA customers (prior to this agreement) were subject not only to currency exchange rates, but duty fees in addition to the cost of shipping. The distributorship agreement with Zircoa GmbH simplifies these financial considerations and (in many cases) may actually save the EMEA marketplace some of the associated costs they would have otherwise paid in order to purchase Ceramco products.

The Ceramco and Zircoa GmbH agreement includes products made from alumina, zirconia, as well as Ceramco’s refractory ceramics. Marketing efforts initially focus upon Ceramco’s TGA (Thermogravimetric analysis) crucibles (see photo) and other crucible types, and distribution of Ceramco’s stock ceramic fasteners. Zircoa GmbH will also accept RFQs (request for quotation) for Ceramco’s custom components on their behalf.

Going forward all inquiries Ceramco receives from EMEA countries will be referred to Zircoa GmbH for the more immediate and personalized follow-up. Long term, Zircoa GmbH plans to inventory Ceramco’s stock ceramic fasteners, providing even faster and more efficient order processing for their EMEA customers.

For more information, please contact Thomas Henriksen:


Ceramco, Inc.
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