Ceramco's line of stock fasteners available from Ceramco's e-commerce portal.

Ceramco’s line of stock ceramic fasteners available from Ceramco’s e-commerce portal.

Ceramco, Inc. (Center Conway, New Hampshire) announces the 24/7 availability of its new e-commerce portal: https://www.ceramicfasteners.com. This portal is designed solely for the sale of Ceramco’s own solid zirconia and alumina fasteners, made in their plant in Center Conway, New Hampshire, USA.
Upon visiting the portal, prospective buyers will find a comprehensive, easy to identify selection of machine screws, bolts, flat washers and hex nuts in both U.S. inch standard and metric sizes. Most machine screws and bolts are available, in either flat, pan, hex or cap head styles, in either Phillips, slotted or socket as is applicable. All bolts and screws have matching hex nuts also available.
Fastener sizes range from: #0-80 to 3/8″-16 (U.S. inch) and M2 to M8 (metric). Flat washer sizes range from: #0 to 1” (U.S. inch) and M2 to M20 (metric). Many sizes in both U.S. inch and metric are available in either solid zirconia or solid alumina. Available sizes and lengths vary and may be dependent upon material properties and performance characteristics.
These fasteners are intended for scientific instruments, laser chambers, medical devices, fuel cell stacks, and other industrial applications in which metal alloy fasteners or plastic fasteners fail, or simply do not possess the properties demanded by the harsh environments in which they must perform. They are resistant to heat and corrosion, are non-conductive and are non-out-gassing.
All of Ceramco’s ceramic fasteners are 100% net shaped in solid ceramic and then fired to full density. Ceramco stock ceramic fasteners are never machined or fatigued from harsh grinding. Additional mechanical properties data for the screws and bolts are to be added in future updates to the Ceramco fastener portal.
U.S. orders received before noon Eastern Standard Time (M-F) ship same day. All major credit cards accepted. Purchase orders accepted from Ceramco customers with established credit.
Visit the Ceramco fastener portal at: https://www.ceramicfasteners.com


In business since 1982, Ceramco’s primary focus is as an OEM manufacturer of custom technical ceramics of complex geometries for customer-specific applications serving numerous markets, including: aviation & aerospace, scientific instrumentation, energy, textiles and personal care products. Along the way Ceramco learned there are many applications that benefit from the properties ceramics offer, but require only a traditional or “stock” size and shape fastener.
“We’ve been selling our stock ceramic fasteners for years,” said Thomas Henriksen, Ceramco President. “Until the launch of our fastener portal, orders were handled over the phone or through e-mail. Our fastener portal now allows new and existing customers to order immediately and at their convenience,” Henriksen added.

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