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Ceramco adds silicon nitride (Si3N4) to its list of production formulations for additive manufacturing (LCM) and high pressure injection molding (HPIM)

Ceramco, Inc., building upon its expertise in the near-net shaping of alumina and zirconia components, is now also near-net shaping silicon nitride. Tool-free LCM and HPIM makes these non-oxide silicon nitride components achievable and more cost effective. Ceramco’s near-net shaping of silicon nitride in many cases eliminates the need for any follow-up machining.

Ceramco’s silicon nitride shares the same desirable characteristics of high strength and toughness of their zirconia, but at about half the weight. The material performs in application temperatures up to 1200° C and has high resistance to wear and corrosion. Silicon nitride stands alone in its ability to withstand mechanical impact and exhibits high mechanical strength when exposed to sudden stresses.

Silicon nitride components manufactured by Ceramco include: cutting tools, sensor shields, high velocity, defense-related articles and other tough service applications. Ceramco anticipates adding LPIM (low pressure injection molding) of silicon nitride to its capabilities in the near future.

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Ceramco, located in New Hampshire’s White Mountain Valley, has been manufacturing technical ceramics since 1982. We are ISO 9001 certified and ITAR registered.  Our capabilities include additive manufacturing, injection molding and diamond grinding of alumina, zirconia, silicon nitride and custom formulations.  We specialize in the production of custom ceramic parts with complex geometries. Stock solid alumina and zirconia fasteners are available through our e-commerce portal at:


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  1. Additive manufactured silicon nitride sensor part
  2. Injection molded silicon nitride machine tool cutter insert
  3. Injection molded silicon nitride test disc for electrical properties
  4. Injection molded silicon nitride wear tip for oil and gas market

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