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Doubling of Capacity

Additive Manufacturing for Ceramic Components… Rapid Prototyping & Production Quantities

A second Lithoz machine is now online and in production, effectively doubling additive manufacturing capacity. Recent work on these machines include very precise features such as holes and wall thicknesses smaller than the “normal” capability envelope. The learning curve on this second machine will be quite short as Ceramco’s first machine (the first installed in North America) has been in operation for almost four years.

Most recently, Ceramco has additive manufactured parts for the medical device industry. A field bringing new challenges and even more stringent requirements we are successfully meeting.

Learn more about additive manufacturing from Ceramco at: http://www.ceramcoceramics.com/products/custom-3d-printing_additive-manufacturing/custom_3d-printing_additive-manufacturing.php

About Ceramco

Ceramco manufactures OEM technical ceramics of complex geometries and stock ceramic fasteners. Production technologies include additive (LCM) and injection molding. Support processes include near‐net shaping, powder metallurgy, machining/diamond grinding, glazing, coating and assembly. Material compositions include alumina, zirconia, silicon nitride and custom formulations. ISO 9001‐2015 certified and ITAR registered.


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