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Ceramco's line of stock fasteners available from Ceramco's e-commerce portal.


Ceramco, Inc. (Center Conway, New Hampshire) announces it has expanded the 24/7 availability of its e-commerce portal: https://www.ceramicfasteners.com from U.S. only to the global* marketplace. Orders received before noon Eastern Standard Time (M-F) ship same day.

All major credit cards accepted. Purchase orders accepted from Ceramco customers with established credit. Orders ship via United Parcel Service, with options dependent upon the order’s destination. Buyers outside the U.S. are responsible for all tariffs, taxes, and customs fees at time of delivery.

Now users of solid ceramic machine screws, bolts, flat washers and hex nuts, outside the U.S., can select from a comprehensive inventory of solid ceramic flat, pan, hex or cap head styles, in either Phillips, slotted or socket as is applicable, in both U.S. inch standard and metric sizes. Most styles and sizes available in either alumina or zirconia.

Fastener sizes range from: #0-80 to 3/8″-16 (U.S. inch) and M2 to M8 (metric). Flat washer sizes range from: #0 to 1” (U.S. inch) and M2 to M20 (metric). Available compositions, sizes and lengths vary and may be dependent upon material properties and performance characteristics. Most recently Ceramco added British Standard washers in sizes: M2, M3, M4, M5, M6 and M8.

These fasteners are intended for scientific instruments, laser chambers, medical devices, fuel cell stacks, and other industrial applications in which metal alloy fasteners or plastic fasteners fail, or simply do not possess the properties demanded by the harsh environments in which they must perform. They are resistant to heat and corrosion, are non-conductive, can provide leak free connections, hold a vacuum  and are non-out-gassing.

All Ceramco’s ceramic fasteners are 100% net shaped in solid ceramic and then fired to full density. Ceramco stock ceramic fasteners are never machined or fatigued from harsh grinding.

All Ceramco’s solid ceramic fasteners are made in America, in Center Conway NH following ISO 9001-2015 quality standards. Ceramco is also ITAR registered.

* Excluding those countries embargoed by the U.S. Government.


For more information, please contact Thomas Henriksen:


Ceramco, Inc.
1467 East Main Street
Center Conway NH USA

Clamping frames – Typical of the scale and precision achieved by Ceramco’s MicroPIM process.


Thomas Henriksen, President of Ceramco, Inc., Center Conway NH (USA) announced this latest addition to Ceramco’s high volume PIM (powder injection molding) offerings. “This extension of our near-net shaping capability aptly named: ‘MicroPIM,’ is allowing us to produce ceramic components as small as 0.05 grams and in production quantities.”
Ceramco’s MicroPIM utilizes many of the alumina or zirconia production formulations Ceramco currently uses for its high volume manufacturing of larger components. “The incredibly small scale of MicroPIM, requires careful adjustments to the feedstock to achieve a very low viscosity. Other than that, it is virtually the same process Ceramco has been using successfully for 30 years. Everything is just much smaller.” added Henriksen.
MicroPIM-formed ceramic components are already found in applications including: fiber-optic ferrules and wire bonding nozzles. Also, they are serving more broadly defined markets including: medical and electrical interconnects.
Ceramics step-in when metal alloy or plastic components fail, or simply do not possess the properties demanded by the harsh environments in which they must perform. MicroPIM-formed components expand upon Ceramco’s ability to offer customers a ceramic alternative. “Never again will I have to tell a customer: ‘the part you’re asking us to make is too small,’” added Henriksen.

Clamping frames – Typical of the scale and precision achieved by Ceramco’s MicroPIM process.

For more information, please contact Thomas Henriksen


Ceramco, Inc.
P.O. Box 300
1467 East Main Street
Center Conway, NH 03813

300 dpi image available