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For Immediate Release on: July 20, 2022

Taller Additive Manufactured Components… Faster!

Ceramco Adds a Lithoz CeraFab S65 3D Printer for Ceramics to its Service Bureau Fleet

Ceramco's Lithoz CeraFab S65 3D Printer for Ceramics“Our Lithoz CeraFab S65 3D Printer is already proving to be a great addition to our service bureau. Not only does it print bioresorbable ceramics, the S65’s build platform accommodates component builds up to 320mm (12.6”) in the Z-axis,” said Thomas Henriksen, Ceramco’s President. “This increased height opens new doors for Ceramco Additive and new possibilities for our additive customers, with no sacrifice in building speed.”

“The overall build platform of the S65 measures: 102 x 64 x 320mm (x / y / z), with a building speed up to 150 layers per hour, at 40µm lateral resolution. This combination of capability, speed and resolution has carved a special niche for the S65 in our service bureau fleet,” said Mr. Henriksen. “Lithoz equipment helped us introduce 3D printing technology for ceramics in the United States in 2016. The S65 demonstrates the enormous leap in this technology in those 6 short years,” he added.

Ceramco Additive focuses our commitment at Ceramco to the needs of its additive-only customers with a service bureau business model and its additive-specific website: www.CeramcoAdditive.com. “This is no ‘House of Cards’ for us,” said Mr. Henriksen. “Our additive-only business is fully supported by Ceramco, Inc and its 42 years manufacturing OEM ceramic components.”

About Ceramco

Ceramco specializes in the production of OEM ceramic components with complex geometries for many of the largest and most technically advanced companies in the world. On-premises capabilities include high and low-pressure injection molding and additive manufacturing (3D printing). The manufacturing is supported by our own materials formulation, engineering, tooling, and machining. We are ISO 9001-2015 certified, and ITAR registered.