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Ceramco’s LPIM near-net shaping

LPIM - Low Pressure Ceramic Injection Molding

Near-net shaped production quantities* of 100 to 10,000 pieces annually utilizing tooling from type 6061 aluminum. Providing both flexibility and value, LPIM tooling can typically produce 10,000 ceramic parts before any maintenance is needed.

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Ceramco’s HPIM near-net shaping

HPIM - High Pressure Ceramic Injection Molding

Near-net shaped production quantities* of 10,000 pieces or more annually utilizing tool steel as the material of choice to satisfy the increased volume requirements yet maintain the precision on critical OEM ceramic parts features.

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Ceramco’s microPIM near-net shaping

MicroPIM - High Pressure Ceramic Injection Molding Parts ≥ 0.05 Grams

MicroPIM is another high-volume, near-net shaping production method virtually the same as HPIM (above) and with the same tooling requirements. MicroPIM differs in its ability to output highly-configured, complex-shaped ceramic parts as small as 0.05 Grams.

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Ceramco’s additive manufacturing/3D manufacturing

3D Printing, LCM - Additive or Lithography-based Ceramic Manufacturing

OUR 3D, LCM forming technology provides us the ability to rapid prototype a near-net part (in some cases) in days, with no tooling required. 3D, LCM technology is also used for smaller production runs and overcomes die lock and demolding issues that might be encountered in our other forming processes.

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*Quantities are approximate. Many factors determine the appropriate manufacturing process.

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Ceramco is the very best at what it does because of the people that work here. They engineer and manufacture the stock ceramic fasteners and OEM ceramic parts we deliver to our customers. Without them Ceramco is just a building full of equipment, which is why they are so important to us. When you do business with Ceramco you and your order, regardless of its size, will be treated with the same respect and concern.

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Do you need a quotation on your print for a OEM ceramic part? Contact Ceramco. You'll be greeted by a courteous customer service specialist ready to provide immediate, personal assistance. Ceramco specializes in manufacturing OEM ceramic parts with complex geometries, matching the appropriate forming process to your order's specifications and quantity.